Shahid Imran

Shahid Imran, the successful entrepreneur today who grew two businesses from ground to millions in annual sales, started out with humble beginnings. He wanted to be successful, but the small-town boy knew that moving to a bigger city would not only broaden his future but his opportunities as well. Fueled by a resilience and a perseverance to succeed, this hard-working young man soon became the owner of American Medical Equipment. Working with major insurance companies to provide senior living facilities with the latest durable and technologically advanced equipment, his business was steadily flourishing. Diligently working within the senior living environment, he came to realize that the current conditions of these communities were not to his satisfaction. Shahid’s image of senior living was a place of beautiful surroundings and a comfortable environment where he would want his own parents to come to live. Shahid realized that with the growing senior population, there was a definite need for assisted living, however, his vision was to develop luxury assisted living communities that were still affordable. In 2016 it was clear that Shahid was not only disappointed with the current state of senior living communities, but also not satisfied in his current career. This led him to make a bold move and one that would catapult his career. He sold his multimillion-dollar medical equipment business and began his journey in forming Build Senior Living.

Years of experience in the health care industry have shown Shahid that it is more important than ever to ensure our seniors have a comfortable living environment to call home. The senior population have worked so hard throughout their life and they deserve a place in which they can thrive. He wanted to give back to those people who have given so much to us and build high-quality independent senior living communities that excelled in aesthetics, accessibility, and community. Shahid’s motto is “I want to spoil the generation that spoiled us.” It has been seven years later in the health care industry and Shahid has done just that. Spoiling the senior population by building over 16 successful communities worth over $200,000,000.

In December 2019, Build Senior partnered with Moneil Senior Living to build the senior dream. A place they would all feel comfortable living in and moving their loved ones too. Working with Vinney and Jon, Shahid will not only be investing money, but will be responsible for designing and managing the senior living communities. With a strong background in directing and managing health facilities, Shahid will be the perfect asset to bring these senior living communities to life.

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